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Invisible Bead Extensions

IBE is the #1 most-requested hand-tied extension method on the market.

What is IBE®

IBE® was created with the health of the client’s scalp and hair at the top of the list. IBE® creates a unique track that focuses on flexibility and equal weight distribution. The track is durable and is easily maintained due to the continuous track. We believe that minimal points of contact equal maximum points of damage. Unlike other traditional beaded weft methods, with IBE® there is no contact of a bead with the scalp at any time. Because of that, as well as the focus on proper tension, IBE® is a much more comfortable extension experience for guests.

With IBE®, our focus is on the precision of stitching and beadwork which allows for a longer time in between move ups. 

Why IBE®

Invisible Bead Extensions® was specifically created to solve 3 major problems encountered with the different types of hand-tied methods available.

✨Prevents Damage

to the client’s hair and scalp from tension, over-direction and haphazard installs.

✨Eliminates Discomfort

due to the contact of beads on the scalp and the common “clamp and crank” beading approach.

✨Styling Versatility

which means no more exposed beads, bonds, or braids when wearing hair up.

Here is What to Expect When Booking for IBE®

Let me be the first to congratulate you on embarking on this beautiful experience! You may be wondering where to begin! Here is a short breakdown of the IBE® experience:


First I will ask you to fill out the application here! You will hear from me within two business days of submitting your form to schedule a complimentary consultation.



At your consultation, we will discuss in-depth what it will take to reach your overall dream hair goals. This will include custom matching your hair with the highest quality, ethically sourced hair. A $50 Consultation fee will be sue at your consultation appointment and it will go towards your investment.



A deposit will be made at the time of booking our initial installation appointment. Because IBE® is the most customized extension method this experience usually lasts between 3-4 hours depending on your color/hair density/length goals!  I also offer special payment plan options for Deposit Only want more info? Click here



Finally, we will custom cut, layer, and blend your extensions with your natural hair! I will also welcome you to a complimentary one-on-one styling tutorial to ensure you feel confident styling your new hair at home! 



IBE® extensions require an adjustment appointment every 6-8 weeks. This visit includes your color, the color on the extensions, a Goldie Locks treatment, and a custom cut! With proper care, your new hair can be expected to last 9-12 months!

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